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Our Principles

Our Principles

Customer Orientation

Triomada stands for service and solutions. But how do we stay ahead in an ever-changing market? By constantly developing our solutions, working closely with our customers and leading industry partners – and striving to meet the high performance and cost-effective needs of our customers. Now and in the future.


Numerous patents prove the company’s innovative strength and attest to our deep understanding of the market. Our extensive portfolio of solutions has been carefully optimised over time to match our customers’ requirements for their unique applications.


Triomada has positioned itself as a global premium BOPP supplier. Our products meet the most stringent requirements for reliability, optimal machine running properties and quality - and are at the same time economical.


Triomada reliably supports our customers’ success through every step of the process. We constantly develop our solutions, working closely with leading industry partners - and have built our reputation on first-class technical service. We are always there for you.