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Company Overview

About Us

Triomada manufactures a wide selection of cast stretch film for different applications and machine types. Made from virgin polyethylene and the best raw materials in our advanced American-made film casting lines, our films have extreme strength and stretchability. We have rich experience in films with 12 years. Specializing in the production of stretch film, and other products. More than 5 years in the export field, providing integrated services for producing and selling. We can produce products according to your requirements and looking forward to your consultation.

Who We Are

Triomada has over 40 years’ experience in the conversion, extrusion, and manufacturing of films. Our commitment to providing high quality products and excellent customer satisfaction has translated into a company that produces a line of stretch film that is unmatched in the marketplace today for quality, consistency, and performance.

What We've Done... Where We Are Going

Our stretch film division has seen tremendous growth in the middlw east markets. Our capacity will increase to over 150 million lbs. with the installation of our new extrusion lines. Our reinvestment into the stretch film market continues to give Triomada a distinct advantage in new product development and innovation.

Triomada Values

At Triomada, we believe that to be competitive we must invest in the future of our industry. The value of Triomada Stretch Film is in its high quality, ultra-high performance, source reduction films, and the knowledge that you have been given the right film for you.

“Our Commitment” to you will be to continue to be on the forefront of new product innovations and technologies. This is what separates TRIOMADA from its competitors.