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Triomada Plastic International Company has its own warehouse facilities designed according to the modern needs, giving 100% protection to finished products.

The area allocated for the warehouse is 1,600m2 which gives enough space to place 1,000 tons at a time. Professionals know, that transports cause stress to the load, not just while loading and unloading, but also during the shipment. Sharp edges, rough sea or common shunting process can lead to damages, which involve extra costs for the packaged load.

Triomada tackles these problems themselves by using its own high quality stretch film. Therefore, we ensure a safe and proper transportation to our customers and stay in close contact to current demands, development and needs of packaging processes in the transportation branch. Thus, with years of experience, we brought a depth of understanding to our customers logistics needs. We transferred this know-how to successfully proved customers solutions. In this, we gain our customers trust.
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