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      Our Management Team  
                Kamana Srinivas  
                     Interim GM  
    Muhammad Usman                Loay Darwish            Kamana Srinivas
       Finance Manager           Supply Chain Manager Operation & Maintenance Manager
    Abdulaziz Bazuhair              Victor Fernandes           In Progress
  Administration Manager        Sales & Marketing Manager               Safety Manager
         In Progress              In Progress           Ravi Kumar Akella
       Cost Accountant                  I.T Supervisor  Management Representative-QMS
  Shanawaz Mohammed             Roberto Realoza
   Maintenance Supervisor     Customer Service Manager
                                            Quality Policy  
             Triomada Plastic International Company is committed to ensure:  
  Customer Satisfaction with the Manufacturing of Quality Stretch Film Products.  
  Continual Improvement in Manufacturing Process and Products.  
Total Involvement with Customers, Suppliers and Employees.
Meeting the Requirements of ISO 9001 Standards of Quality Management System.
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